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Кокошковата къща
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is situated at 1350 m altitude above the sea-level on the northern slopes of The Rila Mountains. It is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is easily accessible from every place in the country. It is 73 km away from Sofia and 8 km away from Samokov.
Borovets offers excellent opportunities for holidays and relax all year round.

In summer, Borovets is a cool and calm place among centuries-old pine trees, fields covered with flowers and herbs, numerous lakes and snow-capped mountain peaks. That is the perfect place for your relax.

For the nature lovers, the resort is preferable place and a target of many itineraries and outings In Rila Mountains. At night, the resort is in lights and ready for the night life.
Have you ever thought what it would be like if you went to mountain in summer? Cheering up? Or not? What could you do all day?
You can really:
* Try different itineraries with a professional guide to the Seven Lakes of Rila, Malyovitsa Mount, Mousala, The Tchakar Voivoda’s Huts, Malyovitsa;
* Go horse-riding on the mountain ridge/ The Rila Monastery/ The Seven Lakes of Rila,etc.
* Go fishing and after that preparing your trout;
* Go biking on our bike routes;
* Get acquainted with the local cuisine, customs and folklore
ски писти
Kokoshkova kashta
Samokov 2000
84, Tzar Boris III, Str.
Phone : +359722 66432;
+359882 891723

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